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Kona Labradors is a kennel located in the town of Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii.

When puppies are available, you may wish to place a deposit early to assure your place in line. The deposit is fully refundable should you change your mind, or should there not be a suitable puppy for you. People have varying criteria for their puppy. Some want a quiet dog, some want a particular color or sex. By placing a refundable deposit, you will be better able to have the dog you want.

Many of us breeders and pet owners in the state prefer to feed our dogs a raw pet food diet. If you visit the Feeding page, you may read why and what we feed. Dogs are essentually wolves and should be eating meat, not a wheat or other grain product which has meat juice drizzled on it. At the age of 3 weeks, these puppies started on a raw meat diet and will continue to thrive. I think you will agree. The above photo was taken at 3 weeks and if you notice, they are already eating a mixture of ground beef, ground beef heart, yogurt and egg. Soon they will graduate to skirt meat, liver, chicken and raw meaty bones.

For owners on the Big Island, I am happy to give you a free membership in the Kona Raw Pet Food Coop if you would like to take advantage of the great prices to make feeding your pet cost-effective.

The Puppy Contract page explains the agreement we enter into when you purchase a puppy.

The parents have undergone a number of important health tests and certifications and those are listed here in the litter information.

I hope that you find a pet who will fill your needs and give you many years of love and companionship.